Dual Licensing Business Model

About our business and licensing model

A license agreement with the TU Dresden enables us to fully incorporate the work that we conducted as part of our past research activities into our product portfolio. Thanks to the practical orientation of our research, the existing software foundation is in a very good shape, which allows us to release the first versions of our products shortly after starting the company, and therefore, fully exploit the technological advances of our research work.

The commercial application of our software is driven by a dual licensing model. Generally, we release our products as open-source software under the terms of the GNU General Public License. This license enables everybody to use the software without any licensing fee, to distribute the software, and to freely change the software. We hope that releasing our products under this conditions will help making our technology attractive for the open-source community, facilitate the evaluation of our software at companies, and motivate educational institutions to advance the technology together with us.

In addition to providing our software under the GNU General Public License (GPL), we as the IP holders of our software are able to provide our technology to customers at licenses that are better suited for commercial deployment. Thereby, we enable customers to use our technology with no restrictions and assisted by our support services.

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