About the founders of Genode Labs

The founders of Genode Labs are two former researchers of the TU Dresden OS group, who gained thorough hands-on experience about microkernel-based system architectures, user-level device drivers, protocol stacks, and security applications during their research. Our experiences shaped the vision for a new OS architecture that allows for dynamic workloads but still retains strong security properties. In 2006, we turned our vision into reality by implementing the Genode OS Framework, at that time codenamed "Bastei". The achieved results had been the primary motivation for further pushing this young technology by forming an independent startup company.

Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Inf. Norman Feske

2008: PhD thesis

"Securing Graphical User Interfaces", defended on 5th of January 2009

2006: Release of the TUD:OS Demo CD

Promoting the research results of the TUD OS group, in particular the secure graphics project called "Nitpicker". Visit the TUD:OS Live CD website...

2005: Internship at Intel, Hillsboro (OR)

Working on platform virtualization

2002 - 2008: Member of the TU Dresden OS Group

Working on graphics, the Mikro-SINA microkernel-based VPN gateway, and the user-level OS architecture for the ROBIN project

2002: Diploma Thesis

"DOpE - a real-time window server for the DROPS operating system"

1997 - 2003: Computer science study

Focused on artificial intelligence, neural networks, image processing, and security

Visit Norman Feske's private website.

Dipl.-Inf. Christian Helmuth

2001 - 2008: Researcher in OS group at TU Dresden

Working on user-level device drivers and L4Env, the Mikro-SINA microkernel-based VPN gateway, the Turaya microkernel platform of the EMSCB project, and the user-level OS architecture for the ROBIN project

2001: Diploma thesis

"Generic Porting of Linux device drivers to the DROPS operating system"

1995 - 2001: Computer science study at TU Dresden

Focused on computer networks, security, and operating systems

In his leisure time, Christian often abandons his notebook and indulges his passion - rock music.

postal address:

  Genode Labs GmbH
  Dammweg 2
  D-01097 Dresden

visiting address:

  Genode Labs GmbH
  Friedrichstr. 26
  D-01067 Dresden


  +49 351 3282613