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Genode OS Framework

The Genode OS Framework is a construction kit for building specialized operating systems out of small building blocks including different kernels, device drivers, protocol stacks, and applications.

We understand the complexity of code and policy as the most fundamental security problem shared by modern general-purpose operating systems. Because of high functional demands and dynamic workloads, however, this complexity cannot be avoided. But it can be organized. Genode is a novel OS architecture that is able to master complexity by applying a strict organizational structure to all software components including device drivers, system services, and applications.

The book "Genode Foundations" describes the Genode OS Framework in a holistic and comprehensive way. It equips the reader with a thorough understanding of the architecture, assists developers with the explanation of the development environment and system configuration, and provides a look under the hood of the framework. Furthermore, it contains the specification of the framework's programming interface. Download the book...

We conduct Genode as an open-source project via the project's official website There you can find detailed information about our road map, architectural and technical documentation, and a lot of further resources around the project.

ARM TrustZone

ARM TrustZone allows the CPU of modern ARM-based platforms to be used as a freely programmable trusted platform module. By executing Genode in the secure world of TrustZone, security functions can be implemented as components on top of a scalable and dynamic operating system.

ARM Virtualization

ARM's virtualization extensions enable the hardware-assisted execution of guest operating systems on top of a hypervisor platform. Genode represents a hypervisor platform that combines this ability with a flexible component architecture.

x86 Virtualization

Thanks to the integration of VirtualBox as component in Genode-based systems, fully-fledged off-the-shelf operating systems such as Windows OS or GNU/Linux can be combined with sensitive system functions while keeping those functions protected even if the guest OS is compromised.

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