The following summary provides an overview about our special competencies:

  • The design of hardware-software interaction requires intimate knowledge about system software and hardware architectures. We offer our profound experience with the interface between software and hardware to developers of custom hardware and system software.

  • The use of open-source system software, in particular Linux, becomes ubiquitous. The success of such a deployment depends on the awareness about the implications of open-source software licences, the methodology used in open-source projects, and the orientation within the wealth of existing solutions. Based on our experience, we can help customers to plan the commercial deployment of open-source system software.

  • Embedded system software is inherently subjected to resource contraints such as energy consumption, memory consumption, or processing power. We offer the service to analyze systems at the lowest software level and improve system performance through micro optimizations or through algorithmic improvements.

  • The handling of high-complexity software consisting of multiple hundred thousands lines of code poses a challenge for system integration. Thanks to our long year experience in reusing large open-source software components, we developed effective methodologies for mastering source-code complexity. We offer customers to apply our approaches to system-integration problems.

Custom software development

Thanks to our long-year hands-on experience with OS development on various platforms, we can offer the development of custom device drivers (in particular for graphics devices), protocol stacks, tools, and applications. Our skills comprise but are not limited to the following platforms and technologies:

Programming languages / hardware-description languages

C++, C, Python, Ada, Spark, Tcl/Tk, Pascal, Assembler, VHDL

Processor architectures

IA32, ARM, Freescale Coldfire, Xilinx Microblaze, DSP56k


L4 microkernels, Qt4, UNIX, Linux kernel, GNU, TCP/IP, SSL, IPsec, OpenGL

postal address:

  Genode Labs GmbH
  Dammweg 2
  D-01097 Dresden

visiting address:

  Genode Labs GmbH
  Friedrichstr. 26
  D-01067 Dresden


  +49 351 3282613