Genode Labs is the driving force behind the Genode OS Framework - an open-source operating-system technology that aligns highly dynamic workloads with security, robustness, and scalability. Since founded in 2008 by the original Genode architects Norman Feske and Christian Helmuth, Genode Labs operates as an independent company solely owned by its founders. Committed to the open-source community and our customers alike, our business model combines consulting with dual licensing. Originally focused on research, today we pursue our passion as a small and tight-knit team of highly focused professionals to solve real-world problems.

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News Item Collaboration with Barkhausen Institut Jul 23, 2021
In the scope of a joint innovation project together with the Barkhausen Institut, we will leverage the combination of Genode's component architecture with hardware-software co-design.
News Item Guidance for porting Genode to a new SoC Jun 01, 2021
Our new "Genode Platforms" documentation complements the existing Genode Foundations book with a wealth of hardware-related topics.
News Item Genode OS Framework 21.05 released May 31, 2021
Genode 21.05 introduces Webcam support and file encryption for Sculpt OS, switches the tool chain to GCC 10, and extends the arsenal of device drivers for i.MX8, Pine64, USB, and RISC-V.
News Item New Sculpt OS version 21.03 Mar 30, 2021
Sculpt OS 21.03 becomes resilient against classes of device-driver failures, introduces configurable real-time priorities, and adds interfaces for CPU-load balancing and screen capturing.
News Item Genode OS Framework 21.02 release Mar 20, 2021
The user-visible features of Genode 21.02 that we released at the end of February are the addition of VirtualBox 6, mobile-data connectivity via LTE, pluggable network drivers, and initial support for the Pine-A64-LTS board.
News Item FOSDEM recordings of our pluggable-device-drivers talk Mar 10, 2021
Among the variety of topics presented at this year's microkernel developer room at FOSDEM, we presented our recent work on pluggable device drivers.

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