Genode Labs is the driving force behind the Genode OS Framework - an open-source operating-system technology that aligns highly dynamic workloads with security, robustness, and scalability. Since founded in 2008 by the original Genode architects Norman Feske and Christian Helmuth, Genode Labs operates as an independent company solely owned by its founders. Committed to the open-source community and our customers alike, our business model combines consulting with dual licensing. Originally focused on research, today we pursue our passion as a small and tight-knit team of highly focused professionals to solve real-world problems.

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News Item Road map for 2021 Jan 29, 2021
Our plan for 2021 is focused on development workflows, envisions Genode on the Pinephone, and addresses GPU support.
News Item Genode OS Framework 20.11 release Nov 30, 2020
Genode 20.11 add dynamic CPU-load balancing, improves power management and audio on PC hardware, and brings Sculpt OS to 64-bit ARM platforms.
News Item New Sculpt OS version 20.08 Sep 30, 2020
Following a bi-annual release cycle for our Sculpt operating system, we are pleased to announce the release of version 20.08 along with a ready-to-use system image and a virtual-machine appliance.
News Item Genode OS Framework 20.08 release Aug 29, 2020
The new version 20.08 of the Genode OS framework features a major redesign of the low-level GUI stack, the Chromium web engine, and enhanced ARM platform support.
News Item Genode OS Framework 20.05 release May 31, 2020
Genode version 20.05 introduces new driver infrastructure for ARM, unifies ARM virtualization support, sandboxes components on the Linux version, and reaches feature-completion of our custom block encrypter.
News Item Excitement about the MNT Reform laptop May 30, 2020
One of the coolest open-hardware projects ever has started its crowd-funding campaign. We are speaking of the Reform laptop created by MNT Research in Berlin.

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