Genode OS Framework 23.08 released Sep 29, 2023

The current release puts the spotlight on tooling for developing, debugging, porting, and publishing Genode components.

The release of version 23.08 marks the 15th anniversary of our Genode OS framework. Fifteen years filled with curiosity, tireless exploration, learning, and finding fulfilment in our craft. Yet, when looking back at where we started, the goals and the principles behind Genode have remained constant all the time. We started with the vision of a truly trustworthy operation system. Today we can enjoy Genode every day on each of our machines and even on the PinePhone. Our quarterly releases stack up to sixty versions, each marking an indispensable step along our way.

Our latest version 23.08 in this series puts emphasis on developer tooling. In particular, it introduces a multi-component debugging instrument and extends our Goa build tool. Our new debug monitor is a drop-in replacement of Genode's init component, extending init's functionality with the GDB protocol. It ultimately clears the way towards frictionless on-target debugging directly on the Genode-based Sculpt OS.

The Goa tool has evolved into an all-encompassing alternative to Genode's traditional work flows for developing, porting, and publishing applications. With this release, runtime testing with Goa gets extremely flexible and handling of multiple Goa projects becomes a no brainer.

Beside the tooling topics, the release comes with a new PC NIC driver based on Linux, new RaspberryPi/i.MX6 USB host-controller drivers, hardware-button and screensaver support on the PinePhone, improved Intel GPU/display, WiFi, and audio drivers. You can find all the details covered in the official release documentation.

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