Genode OS Framework 24.02 released Mar 28, 2024

With much excitement, we published Genode's first version of the year by the end of February, focussing on audio, suspend/resume, HID devices, and the Goa SDK.

As we dedicate this year to Sculpt OS usability, it is no surprise that the release improves on several user-facing aspects. One highlight is our redesigned audio infrastructure for versatile multi-channel routing and mixing at low latency and flexible sample rates. Another long anticipated feature is suspend/resume on PCs. The release solves a crucial piece of this puzzle by making Genode's storage and GPU drivers suspend/resume aware.

For developers, usability is almost synonymous to tooling quality. With the new version, the Goa SDK receives the ability to use Sculpt OS running on a local or remote machine as a remote test target, which gives development-test cycles a welcome boost in terms of speed and joy.

The summary above barely scratches the surface. For the complete story, please let me refer you to the release documentation.

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