Genode OS Framework 23.11 released Nov 30, 2023

Genode 23.11 brings advanced power monitoring and control for PC platforms, introduces kernel-agnostic DMA protection, and showcases the port of the Linphone VoIP stack.

At the dusk of November, we have released version 23.11 of the Genode OS Framework, which includes all the recent improvements present in Sculpt OS 23.10 as well as plenty of new feats and features.

Just to name the highlights, the new version moves the IOMMU driver from the kernel to the user land, introduces the monitoring and steering of CPU power/temperature/frequency, comes with a new API for low-complexity GUI applications, and streamlines the framework's virtualization interface. It also improves developer ergonomics and showcases the port of the Linphone VoIP stack.

You can find these and more topics covered in great detail in the official release documentation for the new version.

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