Genode FPGA graphics project launched Aug 27, 2008

Genode FX brings a fully fleged graphical user interface to FPGA platforms such as Xilinx' low-cost Spartan3 series. The first release features a ready-to-use demonstration project directly executable on widely popular Spartan3A Starter Kit boards.

Just three week after the launch of the Genode OS Framework, we have released our second major asset as an Open-Source project. Genode FX is a composition of hardware and software that enables the creation of fully fledged graphical user interfaces as system-on-chip solutions using commodity FPGAs, e.g., Xilinx' low-cost Spartan3 series. The integrated solution complements the Microblaze soft core with custom hardware for interconnecting display and input devices. On the software side, the heart of the project is a complete GUI software stack especially tailored to resource-constrained embedded systems. In addition to leveraging the Microblaze architecture, support for the PPC core as featured in high-end Virtex5 FPGAs is on the way. This prospect makes Genode FX a solution that scales with the demands of current and future applications. The release features a complete demonstration project ready to use with widely popular Spartan3A Starter Kit boards. Learn more about Genode FX...

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