Genode OS Framework version 12.11 released Nov 30, 2012

With version 12.08, the Genode OS Framework has become capable to execute its own build system and improves the support for ARM platforms.

We are happy to announce the release of the version 12.11 of the Genode OS Framework with the bold statement that Genode has become able to build Genode. For us developers, this is a symbolic event that underlines our ambition to shape the framework into a general- purpose operating system that is capable to carry real-world work- load. Pursuing this line of development involved working on many construction sites, ranging from addressing shortcomings of the used kernels, over improving the base framework, supporting third-party libraries, crafting a glue layer between the Genode API and the GNU userland, and porting the actual tool-chain components to the Genode environment.

Besides the major topic of self-hosting Genode, the new version comes with updated and largely improved support for the different base platforms. For example, our custom kernel for ARM hardware has been enhanced to cover the Freescale i.MX and Texas Instruments OMAP4 SoCs. The Linux base platform has been fundamentally revisited to make this version of the framework more attractive as a middle- ware solution for building component-based software on Linux. Functionality-wise, there are new audio drivers ported from the Open Sound System as well as enhanced support for OMAP4 peripherals.

To learn more about these and many more improvements, please refer to the release notes...

Genode OS Framework version 12.08 released Sep 06, 2012

The version 12.08 of the Genode OS Framework comes with a new base platform, improves support for the NOVA hypervisor, and adds an on-target debugging facility.

With the current release of the framework, we focused on extending the support for its variety of base platforms. Thanks to the new base-hw platform, it becomes possible to execute Genode-based systems directly on bare-metal ARM Cortex-A9 hardware with no 3rd-party kernel running underneath. For the x86 platform, the most significant improvement is the vastly extended support for the NOVA microhypervisor. NOVA is a kernel that combines microkernel principles with high-performance virtualization and capability-based security. This makes it a very attractive base platform for Genode on the x86 architecture. The new version of the framework is able to leverage the latest revision of NOVA on both x86 32-bit and 64-bit.

When it comes to functional additions, the framework has been extended with new file-system services, the ability to host the website via the lighttpd web server, a way to use the GNU debugger directly on a Genode system, and comprehensive support for the Texas Instruments OMAP4 as used on the popular Pandaboard platform.

All improvements that come with version 12.08 are documented in full detail in the accompanied release notes...

Genode OS Framework version 12.05 released Jun 06, 2012

Version 12.05 comes with a new USB stack, media-replay capabilities, and the support for executing the GNU tool chain on top of Genode.

The just released version 12.05 of our OS framework represents a further corner stone for our ambitioned goal to scale the Genode OS technology to a general-purpose operating system. It features fundamental concepts for the management of file systems and the dynamic adaptation of the system at runtime and thereby clears the way to solving many typical problems of general-purpose computing in new and elegant ways.

Functionality-wise, the version 12.05 comes with a new USB stack, the ability to replay media data, and a way for executing complex GNU software including the GNU compiler collection directly on a variety of microkernels supported by the framework.

In addition to the topics mentioned above, there are many more additions and improvements. For the full story, please refer to the release notes...

New Office location May 16, 2012

We just moved into our new office space in Dresden Friedrichstadt.

After four happy years in the office building of the Bonhoff-Unternehmer-Zentrum, we leave Dresden Löbtau for a new office space located in Dresden Friedrichstadt. The new visiting address is Friedrichstr. 26, D-01067 Dresden.

The new offices reside in a structure originally built in 1728 and restored last year. The trail of history of the building is documented at a dedicated Wikipedia page. We are looking forward to spending the upcoming years in this inspiring location.

Please note that our postal address (the one registered for our company) remains unchanged.

Genode OS Framework version 12.02 released Mar 01, 2012

With the release of Genode 12.02, we have finished the transition of the project to an open development process.

The just released version 12.02 of the Genode OS Framework is our initial take on the topics laid out on our road map for 2012. It features a new device-driver manager, basic ACPI support, and the ability to run an interactive shell natively on various microkernels. Furthermore, we enhanced the framework API with new facilities for implementing device drivers more safely and for reusing existing components as sandboxed libraries.

The most significant aspect of the current release, however, is the way it was conducted. In contrast to our past mode of development where almost all technical discussions and development work was carried out within Genode Labs, this version is the result of a largely liberated development process. We moved the source-code repositories and issue tracker used for the mainline development to GitHub and thereby try to encourage public participation in Genode's technical discussions and planning.

The background story behind this transition and the many improvements that come with the new version are covered in full detail in the release notes for version 12.02...

Meet Genode Labs at FOSDEM 2012 Jan 04, 2012

One of the worlds largest gatherings of the Open-Source and Free-Software community will take place during 4th and 5th of February in Brussels.

FOSDEM is one of the biggest gatherings of Open-Source and Free-Software enthusiasts and professionals. The yearly event attracts all kinds of projects ranging from operating systems over development tools and databases to application software. The upcoming edition to be held in February 2012 will host a developer room specifically dedicated to multi-server and microkernel-based operating systems. The participating projects include HelenOS, MINIX, GNU Hurd, and Genode. Further projects are more than welcome to join.

For everyone interested in operating systems in general and microkernel technology in particular, visiting FOSDEM will be great opportunity to get in touch.

FOSDEM 2012: 4-5 February 2012, in Brussels, Belgium

We look forward to meeting you in Brussels! Thanks a lot to Jakub Jermar of the HelenOS project for having initiated the developer room and for the invitation of our project!

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