Genode OS Framework version 8.11 released Nov 21, 2008

With the release 8.11, we reached an important milestone of the Genode project with regard to the applicability of the framework for realizing real-world applications.

The version 8.11 of Genode addresses two crucial requirements for the practical use of the framework, the availability of device drivers and a way to enable existing C code bases to be ported to Genode. Our new device-driver API called DDE kit allows for the reuse of existing C-written device drivers at low engineering costs. For facilitating the porting of the wealth of existing Open-Source libraries to Genode, we have complemented the base framework with a C runtime ported from FreeBSD. Among the numerous other changes and additions described in our detailed release notes are a new API for asynchronous notifications, the consistent typification of capabilities, and a new experimental feature called managed dataspaces.

Learn more about all the new features and changes described in our comprehensive release notes...

Download the release 8.11 of the Genode OS Framework...

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