Genode OS Framework version 9.02 released Feb 27, 2009

Among many evolutionary improvements, the release 9.02 introduces a native port of Qt4, networking, and support for the L4ka::Pistachio kernel as base platform.

With the February release of the Genode OS Framework, we continue our efforts to make the framework available on a broader range of microkernel platforms. Most of today's microkernel developments use to bring along a kernel-specific user land as programming environment for user-level applications. Hence, such applications tend to be closely tied to one particular kernel. With the added support for the L4ka::Pistachio kernel as base platform for Genode, it has now become possible to develop applications and services that are equally executable on Linux, the L4/Fiasco kernel, and the L4ka::Pistachio kernel without any modifications.

In addition to extending the range of supported kernel platforms, the current release enhances Genode's functionality by wide margins. In particular, we introduced a device driver environment for executing Linux-2.6 device drivers on Genode, added basic networking support, and made the Qt4 application framework natively available on Genode.

Read on about the new features described in the release notes...

Download the release 9.02 of the Genode OS Framework...

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