Genode FX for Trenz Electronic industrial FPGA modules Aug 28, 2009

In cooperation with Trenz Electonic, we have complemented Genode FX with reference designs for the TE0304 series of industrial FPGA modules.

On the size of only 40.5mm x 47.5mm, the TE0300 industrial FPGA module integrates a Xilinx Spartan-3E FPGA, DDR memory, configuration flash, and power supply on one module to be used as OEM board or in combination with application-specific carrier boards such as the TE0304. As displayed in the image (courtesy of Trenz Electronic), this particular carrier board makes the general-purpose I/O pins of the FPGA available for display-output and PS/2-input devices, and therefore, allows the implementation of Genode FX on the TE0300 platform. Combined, Genode FX and the TE0300 + TE0304 forms a fully-fledged embedded GUI solution at a low footprint with regard to hardware and software complexity, and power consumption.

We have included reference designs for a range of TE0300 modules to the project's official source tree, and with the next release of Genode FX, the TE0300 support will become a regular part of the official Genode FX distribution.

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