Genode OS Framework version 10.02 released Feb 24, 2010

With the addition of the Codezero and NOVA kernels as base platforms, our framework for building specialized component-based operating systems strives to capture new application areas.

The new release 10.02 of the Genode OS Framework is available. With this release, the project further broadens the field of applications for Genode by introducing support for two new kernels: the Codezero kernel and the NOVA hypervisor. The former is primarily targeted at ARM platforms, the latter at x86 virtualization. Moreover, there is a new management concept for real-time priorities, which can be used in conjunction with the real-time schedulers of the L4ka::Pistachio and OKL4 kernels. Beside many improvements and refinements of the existing parts of the framework, we incorporated the initial port of the Python script interpreter into this release.

The substantial base-platform enhancements introduced with the current release are motivated by our goal to establish the framework as a unified development environment for implementing dynamic workload on microkernel-based system and at the same time enable users to benefit from the strengths of the different kernels.

Read on about the new base platforms and the many improvements of the framework in the release notes for version 10.02...

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