Genode OS Framework version 10.05 released May 28, 2010

Version 10.05 of our operating-system framework introduces mandatory access control, adds sound support, and advances the integration with the paravirtualized OKLinux kernel.

Following our regular three-months release cycle for the Genode OS Framework, we have published the version 10.05 of the Genode OS Framework. Among the major new features are a new concept for imposing mandatory access control to Genode components. Furthermore, we added drivers and interfaces needed for playing and mixing sound streams on popular PC sound hardware, and extended the integration of the paravirtualized OKLinux kernel with native Genode services. As an important milestone on our way towards shaping Genode to a general-purpose OS, the new release features the Webkit-based Arora web browser running as a Genode process.

Read the full story about these and many more improvements in the release notes of version 10.05...

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