Genode OS Framework version 11.02 released Feb 25, 2011

With the version 11.02 of our operating-system framework, we expanded the supported base platforms to 8 different kernels and introduced a new execution environment for using unmodified GNU software on Genode.

The primary focus during the development of the version 11.02 was broadening the platform support of the framework. With the addition of the Fiasco.OC kernel, a new custom kernel implementation for FPGA-based SoCs, and the upgrade of the NOVA hypervisor support to version 0.3, the Genode OS Framework can now be deployed on 8 different kernel platforms, each geared to different application areas. Using Genode, application software and device drivers can be used seamlessly across these platforms.

Functionality-wise, the introduction of a new execution environment called Noux for using unmodified GNU software on top of Genode shows the way towards using Genode as a general-purpose OS.

Read on about further details regarding the new kernel platforms, the vision behind our Noux, and many more improvements of the framework in the release notes of version 11.02...

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