Genode OS Framework version 11.11 released Nov 29, 2011

The version 11.11 of the Genode OS framework introduces user-level debugging via the GNU debugger, Android running as Genode process, a new free-standing tool chain, and various experimental results related to different virtualization techniques.

With version 11.11, the Genode project reaches a tipping point with regard to the overall stability and functionality of the framework. The new added facility for user-level debugging using the GNU debugger (GDB) greatly advances the comfort of application development while maintaining the security of the system. The key to our new debugging solution lies in the heart of the Genode architecture, which is the sandboxed execution of each individual process. Executing a debugging target in GDB is naturally possible by letting GDB intercept the communication between the debugging target and its parent.

With regard to new features, the new support for running Android as a Genode process is the most significant contribution to version 11.11. Furthermore, the release contains the results of various experiments examining various virtualization approaches. For example, using our custom Noux runtime environment, it has become possible to run complex UNIX software natively on Genode with no source-code modifications.

For more detailed information about all improvements introduced with version 11.11, please refer to the official release notes...

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