Genode OS Framework version 12.02 released Mar 01, 2012

With the release of Genode 12.02, we have finished the transition of the project to an open development process.

The just released version 12.02 of the Genode OS Framework is our initial take on the topics laid out on our road map for 2012. It features a new device-driver manager, basic ACPI support, and the ability to run an interactive shell natively on various microkernels. Furthermore, we enhanced the framework API with new facilities for implementing device drivers more safely and for reusing existing components as sandboxed libraries.

The most significant aspect of the current release, however, is the way it was conducted. In contrast to our past mode of development where almost all technical discussions and development work was carried out within Genode Labs, this version is the result of a largely liberated development process. We moved the source-code repositories and issue tracker used for the mainline development to GitHub and thereby try to encourage public participation in Genode's technical discussions and planning.

The background story behind this transition and the many improvements that come with the new version are covered in full detail in the release notes for version 12.02...

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