Genode OS Framework version 12.05 released Jun 06, 2012

Version 12.05 comes with a new USB stack, media-replay capabilities, and the support for executing the GNU tool chain on top of Genode.

The just released version 12.05 of our OS framework represents a further corner stone for our ambitioned goal to scale the Genode OS technology to a general-purpose operating system. It features fundamental concepts for the management of file systems and the dynamic adaptation of the system at runtime and thereby clears the way to solving many typical problems of general-purpose computing in new and elegant ways.

Functionality-wise, the version 12.05 comes with a new USB stack, the ability to replay media data, and a way for executing complex GNU software including the GNU compiler collection directly on a variety of microkernels supported by the framework.

In addition to the topics mentioned above, there are many more additions and improvements. For the full story, please refer to the release notes...

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