Genode OS Framework version 12.08 released Sep 06, 2012

The version 12.08 of the Genode OS Framework comes with a new base platform, improves support for the NOVA hypervisor, and adds an on-target debugging facility.

With the current release of the framework, we focused on extending the support for its variety of base platforms. Thanks to the new base-hw platform, it becomes possible to execute Genode-based systems directly on bare-metal ARM Cortex-A9 hardware with no 3rd-party kernel running underneath. For the x86 platform, the most significant improvement is the vastly extended support for the NOVA microhypervisor. NOVA is a kernel that combines microkernel principles with high-performance virtualization and capability-based security. This makes it a very attractive base platform for Genode on the x86 architecture. The new version of the framework is able to leverage the latest revision of NOVA on both x86 32-bit and 64-bit.

When it comes to functional additions, the framework has been extended with new file-system services, the ability to host the website via the lighttpd web server, a way to use the GNU debugger directly on a Genode system, and comprehensive support for the Texas Instruments OMAP4 as used on the popular Pandaboard platform.

All improvements that come with version 12.08 are documented in full detail in the accompanied release notes...

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