Genode OS Framework version 14.02 released Mar 12, 2014

With version 14.02, the Genode OS Framework gains support for NetBSD's file systems and becomes able to run VirtualBox on top of the NOVA microhypervisor.

The focus of Genode 14.02 lies on storage and virtualization. Thanks to a redesign of its block-level API to operate asynchronously, the framework becomes able to benefit from optimizations that hide block-access latencies and maximize throughput. A new block cache further boosts the performance at block-device level. At the file-system level, the framework started to leverage the variety of time-tested file systems of the NetBSD kernel on microkernel platforms. With regard to virtualization, the added support for running VirtualBox on the NOVA microhypervisor clears the way for using microkernel technology in application areas where compatibility to commodity OSes like MS Windows is needed. More details about these and many more improvements are provided by the extensive release documentation...

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