Genode OS Framework version 14.05 released Jun 20, 2014

Version 14.05 of the Genode OS Framework greatly improves the integration of 3rd-party software, introduces block-level encryption, and adds multi-processor support to our custom kernel platform.

Following our quarterly release cycle, we have published the version 14.05 of the Genode OS Framework. This time, the release is focused on improving the scalability of the framework with regard to the interoperability with 3rd-party software. The new version comes with tools that make the integration and use of existing software with Genode easier than ever.

Besides those infrastructural changes, the new version comes with vast improvements of the NOVA and base-hw kernel platforms. Our custom base-hw kernel for ARM-based devices received multi-processor support and a new memory management, we enabled the use of real-time priorities on NOVA, and continued our efforts with running VirtualBox on NOVA by adding support for guest additions.

Furthermore, we added a new component for block-level encryption based on NetBSD's cryptographic device driver and enabled USB 3.0 on x86 platforms.

More information about all the changes are provided in our detailed release documentation...

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