Genode OS Framework version 14.08 released Sep 30, 2014

The current version 14.08 of the Genode OS framework introduces a new architecture for graphical user interfaces (GUI) designed from the ground up to protect the privacy of the user and application security.

In August, we complemented Genode with a host of new features introduced with version 14.08. The flagship of those features is a new GUI architecture that retains an extremely low complexity for its security-critical parts while offering vast flexibility when it comes to customization and graphical presentation. The key for achieving this flexibility is the unique way how the GUI is composed out of several small components that work together. Each of those components can be replaced individually. The new GUI stack furthermore allowed us to greatly improve the integration of Qt5 with Genode.

Genode's OS infrastructure received a major upgrade with pluggable VFS file systems, the move of the Linux device driver environment to Linux version 3.14.5, and a new port of OpenVPN. When it comes to the supported base platforms, the new version comes with an update of the NOVA microhypervisor and boosts the performance of our custom base-hw kernel on ARM-based platforms.

These and many more changes are described in detail in the accompanied release documentation...

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