New Directions in Operating Systems Nov 03, 2014

Norman Feske will present Genode at the "New Directions in Operating Systems" conference on November 25 in London.

The vastly distributed and interconnected systems of today call for new innovation in operating systems. In particular, the increasing demands for scalability, security, privacy, ease of deployment, and flexibility prompts the OS developer community to move into new directions or to reignite existing approaches in the light of today. Those directions include containerization, capability-based security, library OSes, virtual networking, formal verification, and various flavors of virtualization.

With the conference "New Directions in Operating Systems", Justin Cormack of the Rumpkernel community sets out to bring the respective developer communities closer together. Genode intersects with many of the topics of the conference - be it as a user of Rumpkernels, as an implementation of capability-based security, or as representative of the microkernel family of systems. Hence, we are delighted about the chance to join the conference on November 25 in London:

New Directions in Operating Systems

November 25, 2014, London

If you are as excited about OS development as we are, or you just like to catch up with us, we recommend you to join in!

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