Genode OS Framework 15.08 released Aug 31, 2015

Version 15.08 marks the starting point of Genode used as day-to-day operating system, which underlines the maturity and scalability of the framework. A further highlight is the ability to execute Genode on top of the Muen separation kernel.

Whereby the added support for the Muen separation is the flagship feature of Genode 15.08, the August release brings a vast number of improvements across the entire framework.

Motivated by our increasing use of Genode/NOVA as our day-to-day OS, we addressed long-standing shortcomings of the NOVA kernel with respect to its kernel-memory management. At the user-facing side, the GUI stack became more flexible and versatile, improving the interactive usability, introducing tools for monitoring the system behavior, and optimizing the graphics performance.

Furthermore, we enhanced the integration of VirtualBox with Genode/NOVA by adding audio input and output, enabling the dynamic resizing of guest OS windows, and supporting guest-provided mouse pointer shapes. These and many more improvements are covered by our detailed release documentation.

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