Upcoming Hack'n'Hike end of May Jan 18, 2016

The registration is open for our yearly Hack'n'Hike event.

The Hack'n'Hike is the yearly highlight of the Genode developer community. We meet at a cozy accommodation for multiple days. At daylight, we spend the time at beautiful nature sites, which is the perfect setting for letting ideas flow and just enjoy the companionship of the others. In the evenings, we turn to hacking on various projects, teaming up to work on challenging problems, or learning new things.

This year, the Hack'n'Hike will take place during 27th - 30th of May. We picked the Gutshaus Heeselicht in Stolpen as our venue.

Everyone who is interested in getting involved with the community, catching up, or just hanging out with the Genode crowd is welcomed to join! As every year, the Hack'n'Hike is sponsored by Genode Labs. So your participation/accommodation is free. Please let us know until the 26th of January if you like to join in. You can do so by writing to hacknhike@genode-labs.com or by commenting at the official Hack'n'Hike issue.

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