Genode talks at FOSDEM 2016 Jan 20, 2016

There are four Genode-related talks scheduled at FOSDEM 2016 in Brussels.

The schedule for this year's FOSDEM in Brussels has been finalized. Genode will show a strong presence in the form of four talks. On Saturday (January 30), we will contribute to the microkernel developer room (K.4.601) with a variety of topics. On Sunday, we have the chance to present our current state of Genode as desktop OS at the Desktops developer room. The detailed Genode-specific schedule is as follows:

Saturday 10:40, Microkernel developer room, K.4.601

Norman Feske "An exploration of the seL4 kernel from Genode's perspective" abstract

Saturday 14:10, Microkernel developer room, K.4.601

Emery Hemingway "Porting Nix to Genode - Package management without a canonical file system" abstract

Saturday 15:55, Microkernel developer room, K.4.601

Martin Stein "Genode's TrustZone demo on the USB Armory" abstract

Sunday 10:20, Desktops developer room, K.4.401

Norman Feske "Genode as Desktop OS" abstract

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