Genode OS Framework 16.05 released May 31, 2016

With Genode 16.05, the framework API undergoes a fundamental revision, the Rust language becomes available to Genode components, GDB can now be used on 64-bit NOVA, and all ported device drivers have been updated to the current versions of the Linux and OpenBSD kernels.

We are proud to announce Genode 16.05, which represents the most fundamental update of the framework's application-programming interface (API) in the project's history. The new API is designed to reduce complexity, to lower the risk for programming bugs, and - at the same time - further increase the framework's flexibility. It is the result of countless experiments and condenses our joint experience with the development of over hundred components.

The fundamental API renovation prompted us to accompany Genode 16.05 with a new revision of the "Genode Foundations" book, which can be downloaded as PDF.

The second major focus of the current release is the updated arsenal of device drivers. All drivers that we ported from Linux were upgraded to the Linux kernel 4.4.3. Specifically, the drivers are the Intel wireless stack, the Intel graphics driver, the USB driver, and the TCP/IP stack. Thereby, Genode users are able to leverage the same drivers as up-to-date Linux distributions but each driver encapsulated in a dedicated protection domain. The audio driver, which we ported from OpenBSD, received an update to OpenBSD 5.9. The device drivers are complemented with new infrastructure that makes ACPI platform controlling and monitoring features available to Genode users.

Further highlights are the added ability to use the Rust programming language in Genode components and the enhanced support for using the GNU debugger on top of the NOVA hypervisor.

Details about all improvements and API changes are provided by the release documentation of version 16.05...

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