Genode OS Framework release 17.05 May 31, 2017

With a profoundly updated framework infrastructure such as GCC 6.3, Qt 5.8, and VirtualBox 5.1.22 for NOVA, the just released version 17.05 promises to be a suitable basis for longer-term maintenance and is accompanied with a new edition of the "Genode Foundations" book.

We just published the mid-year release of the Genode OS framework. This version is special as it is designated as the starting point for well maintainable development branches. This ambition motivated us to update the framework's tool chain as well as our ports of Qt and VirtualBox to current versions. It also prompted us to wrap up our great API and architectural renovation work that we kicked off one year ago.

Feature-wise, the most important news are the addition of Genode's package-management solution, new tools for monitoring network traffic and CPU load, the support for the Nim and Ada programming languages, greatly enhanced flexibility of the init component, and a brand new timeout API.

All the improvements are covered in great detail in the release documentation.

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