Road map 2018 Jan 24, 2018

Driven by our ambition to leverage Genode as a desktop operating system, 2018 will be The Year of Sculpt.

In mid of December, we invited the Genode community to discuss our road map for 2018, taking Genode Labs' perspective as the starting point. In January, we distilled the many ideas and interests into a concrete plan and schedule:

The plan can roughly be summarized by the slogan "Year of Sculpt". Behind this slogan is our ambition to expand the user base that uses Genode as desktop operating system. This particular Genode scenario is called Sculpt as it allows the user to interactively shape the system into many different things. There will be four stages of the Sculpt system.

Sculpt for Early Adopters (EA) addresses users who are already experienced with Genode. It will be part of the 18.02 release.

Sculpt for The Curious (TC) invites people who are new to Genode but don't hesitate to use command-line tools. It is scheduled for version 18.05.

Sculpt by Visual Composition (VC) will largely replace the need for the command line by providing a graphical user interface for sculpting the system. It will be published along with version 18.08.

Sculpt as Community Experience (CE) strives to empower users to provide sculpted subsystems to other users. This version is planned for the end of the Year.

Besides the story of Sculpt, the road map features several other technical topics such as the ongoing improvement of our custom kernel and the support for the seL4 kernel, new drivers for NXP i.MX, and a Java virtual machine.

Genode at FOSDEM 2018 Jan 24, 2018

See Genode in action at the microkernel developer room at FOSDEM!

In the previous newsletter, we invited you to FOSDEM in Brussels. As a reminder, FOSDEM 2018 takes place during 3rd and 4th of February. We are happy to announce Genode's participation in FOSDEM's microkernel developer room (AW1.126) with three presentations:

Saturday 11:05 GPU resource multiplexing in component based systems Microkernel devroom (AW1.126) abstract...

Saturday 12:25 Live sculpting a Genode-based operating system Microkernel devroom (AW1.126) abstract...

Saturday 17:30 User-level networking on Genode Microkernel devroom (AW1.126) abstract...

The complete schedule of the developer room is available at

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