New Genode mailing list May 29, 2018

The Genode mailing list and archive has been moved from Sourceforge to our own infrastructure.

Since we started the Genode project in 2008, our mailing list is the primary point of communication within the community. The mailing list and its archive used to be hosted by Sourceforge. We are grateful for this year-long service but ultimately found that our project has outgrown this solution. In particular, we became uncomfortable with the delivery of ads in the footer of messages, and we experienced outages without any chance to diagnose and fix issues by ourself.

For this reason, we decided to move the mailing list to our own infrastructure now. Please note that this is a new mailing list. Subscribers of the old list are not automatically subscribed to the new one. If you are interested in following discussions around Genode please subscribe to the new mailing list.

postal address:

  Genode Labs GmbH
  Dammweg 2
  D-01097 Dresden

visiting address:

  Genode Labs GmbH
  Friedrichstr. 26
  D-01067 Dresden


  +49 351 3282613


legal information: