Genode OS Framework 18.05 released May 31, 2018

With Genode 18.05, our Year of Sculpt OS continues at a rapid pace.

The version 18.05 was just released today. It contains countless of improvements motivated by Sculpt OS. For example, it introduces the ability to display text in a resolution-independent way, allows for the dynamic adjustment of user-level network routing, supports the flexible detection and management of partitions and file systems, and is able to drive USB storage devices from a great variety of vendors.

Besides the focus on Sculpt, the new version features the initial support for the Java programming language via a port of OpenJDK's HotSpot VM. Also, the Ada language support received much attention. Hardware-wise, the new version improves the drivers for NXP i.MX System-on-Chips, adds a new driver for non-volatile storage (NVMe) devices, and embraces the modern ECAM/MMCONF mechanism for accessing the PCI configuration space on PC hardware. Furthermore, the seL4 kernel and the Muen kernel have been updated to new versions.

Finally, the release is complemented with a new revision of the Genode Foundations book (PDF) that incorporates the evolutionary changes of the framework during the past year.

The entire picture is presented in detail by the release documentation of version 18.05.

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