Sculpt OS with Visual Composition (VC) Sep 27, 2018

The third version of Sculpt OS introduces a graphical user interface for installing and running software from downloadable packages.

We proudly announce the third incarnation of our Genode-based general- purpose operating system called Sculpt! This release - nicknamed Sculpt with Visual Composition - introduces a new graphical user interface for installing and deploying system components from downloadable software packages. Users no longer need any command- line skills in order to explore the system. That said, to enjoy the system to full extend, the text-based interface is still there, empowering well-versed users to customize and control the system. Sculpt is available as a ready-to-use disk image that can be booted directly from a USB stick on commodity PC hardware: Download Sculpt OS...

The release is accompanied with updated documentation that covers everything from a quick-start guide, over an architecture description, to advanced topics like building the system from source:

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