Genode OS Framework 18.11 released Dec 01, 2018

Genode's version 18.11 puts quality assurance into the spotlight, introduces the ability to host MirageOS unikernels, and improves the network stack.

According to our road map for 2018, the main topic of this release is software quality and resilience, which we addressed on multiple levels. We incorporated the Clang static code analyzer into our development workflows and enabled runtime code coverage metrics based on Gcov. Also, we integrated our existing component tests into one orchestrated on-target test automation framework based on Genode. Finally, we added a mechanism for component health monitoring to improve the resilience of Genode systems with undependable components.

The second subject we approached during the last months is Genode for network appliances and server applications. Therefore, the current release features the ability to host MirageOS unikernels as components running directly on Genode and a new SSH server component.

Further highlights are an initial version of the Genode SDK, enhanced flexibility of the GUI stack of Sculpt OS with a modularized window system and a new window layouter, improved network performance on Xilinx Zynq, and updated language support for Java and Ada.

All changes and improvements of Genode 18.11 are covered by the comprehensive release documentation.

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