Road map for 2019 Jan 16, 2019

Our just-published road map for 2019 puts emphasis on making Genode relevant and appealing for a broader community.

We continue our tradition of publicly discussing Genode's road map at the turn of the year. The initial posting prompted a vivid discussion about our vision, mid-term ambitions, and potential areas of improvement. After the success of past year's evolution of our Genode-based general-purpose OS called Sculpt, we now face the question: How to make Sculpt relevant and appealing for a broader community of users and developers?

During the discussion, we identified three directions. First, we will focus on making Sculpt - and thereby Genode - easier to approach and to use. This comes along with fostering a sense of one joint community among users and developers. Second, we strive to make Genode more valuable by easing the use of existing applications and programming languages in Genode systems. And third, we aim at the seamless integration of Genode with established protocols and infrastructure.

To see how we broke down these high-level ideas into a sequence of tangible steps, please have a look at our official road map published earlier this week:

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