Excitement about the MNT Reform laptop May 30, 2020

One of the coolest open-hardware projects ever has started its crowd-funding campaign. We are speaking of the Reform laptop created by MNT Research in Berlin.

You may ask why we're thinking so highly of the MNT Reform project?

First, it embodies the ethos that drives us Genode developers, giving the users the ultimate control and confidence over their computing platform. Having a self-determined digital life instead of ever staying at the receiving end of mere consumer products.

Second, the enthusiasm, playfulness, and - at the same time - professional attitude of project leader Lukas Hartmann is almost impossible to resist. Check out his twitter account with your own eyes.

Third, the hardware choices taken by MNT Research are strangely consistent with our perspective. The Reform laptop is based on the very same SoC we have selected to focus on, namely NXP i.MX8.

The goal is set to bring Sculpt OS to the Reform laptop!

The crowd-funding campaign for the MNT Reform is open until mid of June. Visit the campaign website to learn more about this fantastic project:


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