Sculpt OS 21.10 Oct 14, 2021

Sculpt OS 21.10 introduces hardware-accelerated graphics, VirtualBox 6, media playback in the web browser, and USB webcam support.

Sculpt OS is our flagship example of Genode. It is a general-purpose operating system that runs on commodity PC hardware and is used as day-to-day OS by all of us Genode developers. In October, we proudly released the version 21.10, which introduces GPU-accelerated graphics, media playback in our Chromium-based web browser, USB webcam support, an encrypted file store, and VirtualBox 6 in addition to version 5. It goes without saying that the new release is accompanied with an updated manual. A ready-to-use disk image is provided at the Sculpt download page.

Users of the previous version 21.03 will feel just at home with the new version. The main differences lie in the installable packages offered by the various developers. In particular, the new support for hardware-accelerated graphics can be taken for a spin using the instructions given in a dedicated article.

With version 21.10, Sculpt OS breaks ground in another direction: It is the first version that is available for 64-bit ARM in addition to PC platforms, as described in another article.

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