Genode OS Framework 21.11 released Dec 01, 2021

With Genode 21.11, interactive Genode scenarios come to the Pinephone, hardware-accelerated graphics becomes available on Intel Gen9+ and Vivante GPUs, and we revive the work with Xilinx Zynq devices.

Just yesterday, we proudly published version 21.11 of the Genode OS Framework. This version is packed with device drivers that open up new use cases of the framework. For example, thanks to new drivers for the display and touchscreen of the Pinephone, interactive Genode scenarios become alive on this open mobile platform. On the i.MX8-based MNT Reform laptop, the first version of a Vivante GPU driver enables the use of hardware-accelerated graphics.

Speaking of GPU support, the release also features an updated version of our custom Intel-GPU multiplexer that has become compatible with Gen9 and newer Intel chips.

At the other end of the hardware spectrum, the release features a new take on the use of Genode on Xilinx Zynq, which combines reconfigurable hardware with a 32-bit ARM SoC and thereby provides an attractive experimentation ground for software-hardware co- design work.

Besides the many hardware-related topics outlined above, another highlight is the feature completion of VirtualBox 6. By enabling shared folders, clipboard, audio, and USB pass-through, it has reached feature parity with our time-tested version 5.

These among many other topics of Genode 21.11 are detailed in the official release documentation...

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