Genode OS Framework 22.02 released Mar 10, 2022

Version 22.02 modularizes the code base, turns Sculpt OS into a framework for building special-purpose systems, and tightens the API. It introduces a new environment to run Linux PC drivers, improves GPU support including VirtualBox guests, and enables the modem access on the Pinephone.

We proudly released Genode version 22.02. Two highlights stand out. First, we completed our transition to a less centralized maintenance structure of Genode's code base, easing the future addition of new hardware platforms by us or by third parties. This change went hand in hand with the introduction of a new generation of device drivers ported from the Linux kernel such as a new USB host-controller driver for PC hardware, or a touchscreen driver for the Pinephone.

The second highlight of version 22.02 is the modularization of the Sculpt OS base system. Whereas Sculpt OS used to promote one canonical system image as a basis for shaping the system live on target, the new version also allows for the easy creation of custom Sculpt-based special-purpose appliances. The gained flexibility took even us developers by surprise! Thanks to the new modular approach, we were able to demonstrate a bare-bones version of Sculpt OS on the Pinephone at FOSDEM (see below), or accelerate our development workflow by routinely running Sculpt OS directly on the Linux kernel.

Further highlights of the new version is the introduction of 3D acceleration for guest operating systems running in VirtualBox, a new mechanism for packet-level network processing by POSIX applications, and the completion of C and C++ standard library support for RISC-V. Please enjoy the entire picture as presented by the official release documentation.

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