Road map for 2023 Jan 30, 2023

Genode's road map for 2023 has been finalized.

Around the turn of the year, we traditionally make up our minds about Genode's intermediate future by discussing the project's road map for the next year on our public mailing list. By mid of January, we distilled the official road map from the lively discussion.

Two topics stood out: First, the prospect of using Genode on the phone captured the imagination of many. And second, Sculpt-OS users long for the support of advanced hardware features and improved ease of use.

After having enabled all hardware features of the PinePhone that are fundamental for a mobile phone over the course of the past year, we now aim at getting the mobile version of Sculpt OS into the hands of end users. There will be multiple rounds of field tests within the community, allowing us to reach the desired state of maturity and usefulness in an iterative way. See the 3rd item of this newsletter below for a first glimpse.

On PC platforms, Genode will increasingly address advanced platform features like the distinction between power-efficient and high- performance cores, the management of temperatures and frequencies, or the practical use of suspend/resume. By the end of the year, we envision the PC version of Sculpt OS running on Genode's custom- tailored microkernel leveraging all those aspects of modern PCs.

Along the planned timeline of the project, one can spot plenty of additional topics of interest such as the continued line of work of combining Genode with FPGAs, applications implemented in Rust, the integration of IPv6, the use of C++20 by default, or completed driver support for the MNT Reform laptop.

Visit the updated road map page...

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