Genode OS release 23.02 Feb 27, 2023

The first Genode version of the year released at the end of February draws a strong connection to this year's road map, that emphasized the use of advanced platform capabilities.

For the PinePhone as our reference platform for the mobile version of Sculpt OS, all the puzzle pieces have come into place for the first ready-to-use system image mentioned above. It motivated plenty of optimizations - from kernel scheduling, over the I/O throughput of the VFS, to the interfacing of GPU drivers - that made it into the release.

Besides the phone, also stationary platforms like PCs and ARM laptops received a fair share of attention. The release enables the use of interactive virtual machines on ARM by adding device models for the GPU and input events. For the PC, the principle support for suspend/resume has become available to our custom microkernel in addition to the NOVA kernel, and Genode learned to distinguish Intel's performance cores from energy-efficient cores.

These are just a few among the many topics of the release, all of which you can find covered in the detailed documentation.

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