Genode OS Framework 23.05 released May 31, 2023

Genode 23.05 introduces the use of existing SDKs like Lomiri and Rust's cargo for building applications, features a cross-platform Wifi-stack based our Linux device-driver environment, and comes with a new tool chain based on GCC 12.3.

The new tool chain enabled us to consistently switch the framework implementation from the C++ standard C++17 to C++20. This way, modern C++ niceties can be used for regular Genode components now.

As steady continuation of the previous releases, our Linux device driver environment, which got updated to Linux 6.1.20, plays a prominent role in the release. It is the enabler of our cross-platform Wifi stack that works now for the PC and ARM platforms like the PinePhone. Thanks to DDE Linux, Genode users can benefit from the enormous efforts of the Linux kernel community targeting modern hardware.

Further highlights of the new version are the initial use of our custom base-hw microkernel as x86 hypervisor, a profoundly reworked block-encryption stack, and updates of supported 3rd-party software like the seL4 kernel and VirtualBox.

Last but not least, the release is accompanied by our annual update of the "Genode Foundations" and "Genode Platforms" books.

All changes are detailed in the official release documentation.

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