Genode Labs Newsletter - August 2008

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  1. Company founded at 15th of May
  2. Launch of our project website for the Genode OS Framework
  3. Release of the Genode OS Framework version 8.08
  4. Road Map

 1. Genode Labs started to exist

 The planning of founding our company started in spring 2007 when we
 (Christian Helmuth and Norman Feske) finished the preliminary
 elaboration on our new OS architecture. Our excitement about the
 results and the feedback we received from 3rd parties stimulated our
 ambition to advance this technology as an independent company.
 We wanted clear the way for the practical application of our
 solution for solving real-world problems.

 In addition to our research job at the university, we started the
 preparation of our spin-off in mid 2007. These preparations included
 the negotiation about the use of the IP that we created as university
 staff members, educating us about law and economics, creating a
 business concept, and finding a suitable office. Our general business
 approach is to start small, learn how to do business and get profitable
 at a small scale, and then grow organically.

 With the formal start of our company Genode Labs at the 15th of May,
 we entered the second phase of life of our company with the goal to
 become fully operational. One corner stone for achieving this goal
 is our company website:


 There, you can find the profile of our offered services and an overview
 about the technologies that we are striving to turn into products.
 Our profile is focused on two main areas of competence:

   1. Genode OS Framework, which is the reference implementation
      of our custom OS architecture. With its novel organizational
      approach, our architecture is able to align highly dynamic
      workloads with robustness, security, and low complexity.
      You can find a general overview about Genode here:


   2. Customized graphical user interfaces, built upon our rich
      pool of GUI implementations including widget sets, window
      management, graphics drivers, and low-level rendering.
      An overview about the foundation of our graphics-related
      work including screenshots is available here:


 Today, we enter the third phase of our company, which aims at
 becoming independent from the funding that we receive from the
 german state. Hence, our current main focus is the acquisition of
 projects. These projects do not necessarily need to relate to
 our above mentioned core competencies. More generally, we are
 willing to work on projects about system software, application
 development, and web development:


 If you think, we could be of value for a project of yours, please
 do not hesitate to contact us.

 2. Project website for the Genode OS Framework

 On 29th of July, we launched the project website for the Genode OS Framework.
 Our intension behind this website is to motivate individuals, companies, and
 researchers to join our effort to advance Genode as an open-source community
 project. To spawn the interest of potential developers, we focused our
 work on creating architectural and technical documentation. You can see
 the result at


 Furthermore, we compiled a web page that lists interesting challenges and
 opportunities for further development. We plan to extend this collection
 on a regular basis.


 3. Release of the Genode OS Framework version 8.08

 Shortly after launching the Genode project website, we released the first
 public version of the full source code of the Genode OS Framework. For
 naming our versions, we use the Ubuntu version-naming scheme, which takes
 the current year as major number and the month as minor number. Hence,
 this version is called 8.08. You can find the release notes and the
 download link at the download section of genode.org:


 4. Road map and horizon

 With the release of the Genode OS Framework 8.08, we reached our first
 milestone of this project and our company. The next release is scheduled
 for November. For the upcoming release, we plan the incremental extension
 of the base API, a device-driver framework, and a C runtime environment.

 In addition to our work at Genode Labs, there are two very interesting
 developments conducted as research studies at TU Dresden. Julian
 Stecklina ported the predecessor of the Genode OS Framework to the
 L4/Pistachio microkernel and he plans to make his work available to
 our project soon. We are very happy about Julian joining our community.
 Furthermore, Christian Prochaska ported Qt4 on top Genode and he was
 able to demonstrate his work on both the Linux version and the L4/Fiasco
 version. We are excited to see a development framework as complex as
 Qt4 to be executable on our platform.

 Best regards
 Norman Feske
 Genode Labs

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