Genode Labs Newsletter - February/March 2009


 1. Genode OS Framework release 9.02
 2. Genode FPGA Graphics release 9.03
 3. Roundup on the Embedded World exhibition 2009
 4. Full text of "Securing Graphical User Interfaces" published

 1. Genode OS Framework release 9.02

 The Genode OS Framework is an open-source framework that allows for
 creating custom microkernel-based operating systems for executing
 dynamic application workload while maintaining high security. The
 development of the framework makes steady progress. As scheduled for
 February, we have released the new version 9.02.

 In addition to the already supported base platforms 32-bit Linux and
 L4/Fiasco, this release introduces support for the L4ka::Pistachio
 microkernel in the main-line development. This high-performance kernel
 implements the latest L4 kernel API and supports a number of advanced
 features such as multi-processor support and virtualization. By bringing
 Genode to this base platform, we will be able to leverage these features
 in the future. With the addition of the L4ka::Pistachio support to the
 framework, it has now become possible to develop applications and
 services that are equally executable on Linux, the L4/Fiasco kernel,
 and the L4ka::Pistachio kernel without any modifications.

 In addition to extending the range of supported kernel platforms, the
 current release enhances Genode's functionality by wide margins. In
 particular, we introduced a device driver environment for executing
 Linux-2.6 device drivers on Genode, added basic networking support,
 and made the Qt4 application framework natively available on Genode.

 Read on about the new features described in the release notes:


 Download the release 9.02 of the Genode OS Framework:


 2. Genode FPGA Graphics release 9.03

 The Genode FPGA Graphics project (Genode FX) is a hardware-software
 solution for realizing fully-fledged windowed GUIs on FPGA platforms.
 In contrast to the previous versions released in 2008, which were
 primarily focused on improving the hardware side of Genode FX, the
 release 9.03 brings the first major software update. We enhanced the
 software stack to support the rendering of anti-aliased fonts, made
 effects such as drop shadows and translucent windows configurable at
 runtime, and restructured the graphics back end to ease the future
 support of different pixel formats. The highlight of this release,
 however, is a completely new demonstration project featuring a terminal
 window to directly interact with the GUI via its command interface,
 a new settings window, a slide show, and a grid widget demo.

 See a screenshot of the new demonstration project:


 Download the new release at the project's Sourceforge site:


 3. Roundup on the Embedded World exhibition 2009

 In the beginning of March, we presented the Genode FPGA Graphics
 project at the booth of Trenz Electronic at the Embedded World 2009.
 It was Genode Labs's first presence as co-exhibitor at a major
 exhibition and for us, it was a big success. We came in contact
 with potential customers who clearly identified the benefits of our
 solution for their businesses. Furthermore, we had the joy to meet
 many students, researchers, and developers with a sound interest
 in our technology and in exploring the open-source version of
 Genode FX.

 Thanks to all of you who came by to meet us in person and for the
 engaging talks we had. We want to especially thank Thorsten Trenz
 and the other co-exhibitors at our booth for making the exhibition
 such a delightful and inspiring experience.

 4. Full text of "Securing Graphical User Interfaces" published

 Norman Feske has published the full text of his dissertation on
 "Securing Graphical User Interfaces" as PDF. The document describes
 the results of more than 5 years of research on quality of service,
 seamless window-system integration, and security on the GUI level.
 The described techniques form the basis of Genode Labs's ongoing
 development of both the Genode FGPA Graphics project and the Genode
 OS Framework. You can download the document at the publications
 section of the genode.org website or via the following direct link:


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