Genode Labs Newsletter - June/July 2009


 1. Striving towards the Genode OS Framework 9.08
 2. First anniversary of the Genode OS Framework

 1. Striving towards the Genode OS Framework 9.08

 During the last two months, we continuously worked on the upcoming
 release 9.08 of the Genode OS Framework. As this release is focused
 on refining the existing features, we took the chance to advance
 the implementation of important base APIs and services. For example,
 the new version will introduce a much improved lock implementation,
 new framework enhancements for implementing single-threaded servers
 supporting blocking APIs, a new timer infrastructure, and optimization
 of the GUI performance.

 Furthermore, we managed to converge the different base platforms
 even more than with the previous releases. In particular, the new
 Linux version will be free from any glibc dependencies and, thereby,
 will run directly on the Linux kernel without the need for any
 classical Linux user-level infrastructure. Thereby, the Linux version
 of Genode will become the lowest-complexity Linux-kernel-based OS

 On the subject of Linux, we are currently putting much effort into
 making a de-privileged variant of the Linux kernel available for
 the OKL4 version of Genode. The solution will enable us to run
 existing Linux software with near-native performance side by side
 with native Genode applications on top of the OKL4 kernel.

 2. First anniversary of the Genode OS Framework

 In August 2008, Genode Labs released the first version of the Genode
 OS Framework. Since then, we have come a long way and are pretty excited
 about the things achieved within the past year. We will celebrate the
 first anniversary of the Genode OS Framework with a barbecue on

   13th of August, 6 pm near Moritzburger Str. 1 in Dresden

 We'd like to welcome you to join us! If you like to attend, please
 drop us a short note at


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