Genode Labs Newsletter - October/November 2009


 1. ARM-architecture support
 2. Qt4/Webkit and socket-based networking
 3. Genode OS Framework 9.11 released

 1. ARM-architecture support

 Since the first release of the Genode OS Framework in summer 2008,
 we focused our development on the x86 PC platform because it is
 the most approachable target for potential developers and allows
 us to demonstrate Genode on standard PC hardware. However, because
 we see growing interest in Genode on embedded platforms, we strive
 to broaden the architecture support of the framework. Our first
 step beyond the x86 architecture is the addition of initial support
 for ARM CPUs, starting with the OKL4 kernel. This kernel supports
 both x86 and ARM-based platforms, in particular the GTA01 device
 that we selected as show case for our porting work. If you like to
 try out the result, you can find more information about running
 Genode on this device via OKL4 at our dedicated Wiki page:


 2. Qt4/Webkit and socket-based networking

 In addition to our efforts with improving the base-platform support
 of the Genode OS framework, we are constantly working on extending
 the functionality of the framework infrastructure. One of the most
 significant recent additions is socket-based networking support
 through the integration of the light-weight IP stack, which opens
 realms of new application areas for Genode. Other areas of improve-
 ment are the seamless integration of shared-library support and our
 porting efforts of poplar open-source libraries such as Freetype2.
 The completeness of the current infrastructure is best illustrated
 by our native port of the Qt4/Webkit browser engine to Genode,
 which is by far the most complex sub system of Qt4.

 3. Genode OS Framework 9.11 released

 On 25th of November, we have released the version 9.11 of the
 Genode OS framework. This has been the most comprehensive release
 so far. In addition to the improvements described above, the new
 version introduces a long list of new features and optimizations.
 For example, we added support for USB storage devices accompanied
 with basic file-system support, made OKLinux a regular part of the
 Genode distribution, introduced a new interface for communicating
 bulk data between processes, and added a zero-footprint runtime
 for executing free-standing Ada code on Genode.

 For a complete reference about our progress during the past three
 months, please take a look at the release notes of version 9.11:


 The new version is available at the download section of the Genode


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