Genode Labs Newsletter - Dezember/Januar 2010


 1. Genode Labs leaves behind its infancy
 2. Exploring the NOVA hypervisor
 3. Upcoming release of the Genode OS Framework 10.02

 1. Genode Labs leaves behind its infancy

 In spring 2008, Genode Labs was founded with the simplest legal
 status possible, a loose bond of two persons, in Germany called
 Gesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts (GbR). This provided an
 unbureaucratic, cheap, and quick way to get our business going.
 In December, we left this stage behind and changed the legal
 status to "Gesellschaft mit beschränker Haftung" (GmbH), which
 is comparible with a british Limited and the most common legal
 status used for private companies in Germany. For us this
 important symbolic step marks the completion of the initial
 bootstrapping procedure of our venture.

 2. Exploring the NOVA hypervisor

 The Genode OS Framework is a user-level toolkit for building
 specialized operating systems using microkernel technology. When
 we started its development in 2006 at the OS Group of the
 University of Technology Dresden, it was originally designated to
 be the user land of a next-generation and to-be-developed new
 kernel called NOVA. Because the kernel was not ready at that
 time, we had to rely on intermediate solutions as kernel platform
 such as Fiasco and Linux during development. These circumstances
 led us the extremely portable design that Genode has today and
 motivated us to make Genode available on the whole family of L4
 microkernels including Fiasco, L4ka::Pistachio, and OKL4.

 In December, the day we waited for a long time had come. The
 first version of NOVA was publicly released:


 Besides the novel and modern kernel interface, NOVA has a list
 of features that sets it apart from most other microkernels, in
 particular support for virtualization hardware, multi-processor
 support, and capability-based security. At Genode Labs, we are
 currently investigating how to make Genode available on this
 kernel as a benefit for both, the NOVA developers and the Genode

 3. Upcoming release of the Genode OS Framework 10.02

 According to our updated road map for 2010


 we are in the process of preparing the upcoming version 10.02
 scheduled for the end of February. With this release, we aim to
 broaden the base-platform support, in particular the support
 for the ARM CPU architecture. Furthermore, we will introduce
 long desired functionality such as real-time priorities, Python
 scripting, and a plugin concept for the C runtime (for using
 networking and files).

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