Genode Labs Newsletter - February/March 2010


 1. The Codezero kernel as new Genode base platform
 2. Genode OS Framework 10.02

 1. The Codezero kernel as new Genode base platform

 With our Genode OS Framework, we continuously strive to broaden
 the number of usable kernels, aiming to establish Genode as a
 common programming interface for microkernel-based applications.
 Because each kernel has unique properties and goals, supporting
 multiple kernels with our framework is both challenging and
 extremely rewarding. It is challenging because mapping Genode's
 API to native kernel interfaces must be done in an efficient
 way, preserving the kernel's unique features. In return, a new
 kernel base platform is a gateway to new CPU architectures,
 application areas, developer communities, and markets.

 We have been in loose contact with B-Labs, the developers of the
 open-source Codezero microkernel since spring last year and are
 happy to announce the availability of the Genode OS Framework
 for this kernel. Codezero is primarily geared towards ARM-based
 embedded devices. More information about this kernel platform
 are available at the official Codezero website:


 The Genode OS Framework can be executed on Codezero v0.2 as
 a Codezero container. At the current stage, the base API is
 implemented up to the point that is needed to start Genode's
 GUI including graphical example applications on the Versatile
 PB platform as emulated by the Qemu emulator. Input devices
 are not yet supported though. We will continue advancing the
 support for this platform and look forward to the possible
 synergies between both projects Codezero and our framework.

 2. Genode OS Framework 10.02

 At the end of February, we have released a new version of the
 Genode OS Framework. This version is primarily focused on
 improving platform support. We are proud about supporting two
 new base platforms, namely Codezero and NOVA, opening a wealth
 of new application areas. Using our framework, it has become
 possible to develop microkernel applications that can be
 executed on six different kernels. Among the further technical
 advances are the added support for real-time priorities on the
 OKL4 and L4ka::Pistachio kernels, a new thread-management
 concept and support for Python scripting.

 Learn more about the many improvements and new features:


 Download the Genode OS Framework 10.02:


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