Genode Labs Newsletter - April/May 2010


 1. Welcome in our team
 2. Genode OS Framework 10.05 released
 3. GOSH documentation tools at Sourceforge
 4. New customer relations beyond Germany

 1. Welcome in our team

 In April, Martin Stein joined our team at Genode Labs. Martin
 is a student at TU Ilmenau who will work with us for 6 months.
 His interest in our company was raised by our Genode FPGA
 Graphics project. Even though he is primarily interested in
 FPGA technology, he quickly acquainted himself with the Genode
 OS Framework. He then decided to go for the mission to bring
 both projects together because he shares our excitement about
 potential prospects of combining both technologies.

 We already enjoy having Martin at Genode Labs and look forward
 to our joint work during the next months.

 2. Genode OS Framework 10.05 released

 Following our regular three-months release cycle for the Genode
 OS Framework, we have published the version 10.05 at the end of
 May. Among the major new features are a new concept for imposing
 mandatory access control to Genode components. Furthermore, we
 added drivers and interfaces needed playing and mixing sound
 streams on popular PC sound hardware, and the extended integration
 of the paravirtualized OKLinux kernel with native Genode services.
 As an important milestone on our way towards shaping Genode to a
 general-purpose OS, the new release features the Webkit-based
 Arora web browser running as a Genode process. In short, the
 current version comes with the following major improvements:

 * Mandatory access control and session routing
 * Added audio-out support
 * OKLinux stub drivers for sound and GUI
 * New build system optimized for parallel builds
 * Arora web browser
 * Port of libSDL

 You can find the complete release notes for the version 10.05 here:


 The new release is available to the project's subversion repository
 and at the Genode download page:


 3. GOSH documentation tools at Sourceforge

 At Genode Labs, we are using a custom-made tool for all textual work,
 including business letters, web content, technical documentation,
 and papers. The tool called GOSH was initially created in 2003 as
 a front-end to LaTeX, converting raw Usenet-styled text to LaTeX,
 HTML, and other formats. For us, it remains to be the most flexible
 way to do textual work. Apparently users outside our company think
 the same. So we decided to officially publish the latest version
 of GOSH as a project at Sourceforge:


 4. New customer relations beyond Germany

 Since we founded Genode Labs two years ago, our primary customers
 had been German companies. We want to thank those companies for
 having build sustaining business relationships with us. In addition
 to our contracting work, we continued to drive the research and
 development of the Genode OS Framework and the Genode FPGA Graphics
 project as Open-Source projects. With these projects, we were able
 to draw the attention of companies beyond our existing customer
 base to Genode Labs. We are particularly happy about the growing
 relationship with customers of other European countries and the US.

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