Genode Labs Newsletter - June/July 2010


 1. Second anniversary of the Genode OS Framework
 2. A glimpse at Genode OS Framework 10.08
 3. Genode Labs featured in Venture Visions newsletter

 1. Second anniversary of the Genode OS Framework

 The upcoming version 10.08 of the Genode OS Framework will be
 the 8th release since the initial publication two years ago
 in August 2008. We invite you to celebrate its second
 anniversary together with us. As last year, we will gather
 for a barbecue and a campfire on

   12th of August, Fischhausstraße 12 01099 Dresden
   *please note the changed location*

 Check out the map for finding the location:


 We'd be happy about you joining us. We will provide beverages
 and barbecue both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. If you plan
 to attend, please send a short note to


 2. A glimpse at Genode OS Framework 10.08

 At Genode Labs, we are busy preparing the upcoming release of
 our framework. On our mission to shape Genode towards a fully
 fledged general purpose OS, we currently focus on additional
 device drivers, a block-device API, a new graphics stack, and
 our flexible C runtime. Furthermore, we are exploring dynamic
 loading on ARM EABI-based platforms, which will make advanced
 workloads that rely on shared libraries available on ARM
 devices. In reference to the last release 10.05, we have now
 internally switched to the new configuration concept introduced
 in May. With the great confidence we gathered, the new concept
 will be enabled by default starting with Genode 10.08.

 3. Genode Labs featured in Venture Visions newsletter

 Venture Visions is a newsletter of a local initiative for
 supporting the foundation of new businesses. In their last
 issue from June, our company is presented as one of the
 promising IT startups founded recently in Dresden/Germany.
 Check out the (german) article at page 5:


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